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Western Canadian Reining Association

News & Updates

President's Message

Welcome all reiners to WCRA in 2017!!!

We have 3 reining shows on the books this year.

Rockslide in Sannich May 12 - 14! They will have a full slate of NRHA and WCRA classes with a saddle class up for the Non-Pro's.  Also for this year they plan to have Ranch Riding classes since they were such a success last year.

Slide Out West will be held in Chilliwack June 16 - 18.

West Coast Classic happens again in Chilliwack on July 14 - 16, with paid warm ups on July 14.

We have added $4000 to our year end High Point awards for this year.  Please see the High Point page for more details. 

Just want to send a huge hug to Sherea Williams, who has been a main stay in all the processes that happen for WCRA! She is on a slow but steady recovery and we all look forward to seeing her. Keep fighting Sherea! 

It is going to be an exciting year of reining, thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors who make it all possible!

Look forward to seeing you spin a blur and slide a mile! 

Happy riding, 

Amanda Self