Western Canadian Reining Association

High Point Program

The High Point Series is a series of WCRA approved reining shows open to all members of WCRA.  Each show has all of the approved WCRA High Point Classes.  If you are a WCRA member the points you earn in each of these classes are recorded by WCRA.  In order to be eligible for a High Point Award, you must compete in all sanctioned High Point Shows.  Try to enter the same classes at each of the shows as your points are tabulated on the horse & rider combination and are class specific.

For every entry at a sanctioned show, a portion of the entry fees goes towards the High Point Program.  At the end of the competition year the results from all of the shows are tabulated and prizes are awarded to the Champion and Reserve Champion in each class at the WCRA Annual General Meeting.  The High Point Series prizes change from year to year, and are equal in value for each class split 60% Champion and 40% Reserve Champion.​