Rockslide Announcement

There seems to be a shortage on BC Ferries of " Reservable" space including Livestock for Thursday May 4th
This DOES NOT mean you will not get on a ferry when you arrive at the terminal, It  will go on a first come first serve basis, but livestock is always a priority, and the staff do their very best to put you on.
The Show committee is being proactive in working with the fairgrounds for any of you wanting to come in early ( Wednesday) and we will waive the extra night stabling fee.
We are also very flexible on moving the paid warms ups to Friday morning if necessary and having a later show start time.
We do encourage you to book your ferry home for Sunday May 8th as there is still plenty of reservable space open.
We usually aim for a 1pm show wrap up, and again, may adjust the show start time to make that happen.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions,
Thank you, Wilma


Spintastic Announcement 

The 2022 Spintastic Show package is now available! This is looking like an awesome show with great prizes and money! We hope to see you there!


- The 2022 Rockslide Show Package is out now !!


Thompson River Reiners is excited to announce 'SPINTASTIC'

This WCRA show will be held in Armstrong BC, July 22-24th, 2022!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding these shows and we hope to see everyone there!

​​ Upcoming dates:

  • ​Rockslide Reining Show, May 6-8th, 2022, Saanich, BC 

  • ​Spintastic Reining Show, July 22-24, 2022 Armstrong, BC

WCRA is a multi-faceted organization formed of members at large and affiliate chapters from Western Canada. WCRA is an affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association, Reining Canada and Horse Council British Columbia. The club supports and promotes reining from the ground level up. WCRA is the voice of all Reiners in the province on Horse Council BC.

What is Reining?
Reining is a judged event designed to show the athletic ability of a ranch-type horse within the confines of a show arena. In NRHA competition, contestants are required to run one of ten approved patterns.

Each pattern includes small slow circles, large fast circles, flying lead changes, rollbacks over the hocks, 360 degree spins done in place, and exciting sliding stops that are the hallmark of the reining horse.

The NRHA Judging system is recognized as the leading format for judging an equine event that combines technical and stylistic elements coupled with consideration of "degree of difficulty".

WCRA us an affiliate member of the NRHA. As such, WCRA uses the rules and guidelines of NRHA for its shows, with the exception of the modified patterns. The modified patterns are used for novice horse/rider in circumstances where the horse/rider is new to reining and is not accustomed to all of the traditional moves. (i.e. rollbacks and /or lead changes).

Western Canadian Reining Association

Western Canadian Reining Association